About Company To Member:- Love Your Ad
LoveYourAd Ltd is a UK based, consumer focused video advertising rewards web site. Our pioneering web and mobile ready, fully responsive web portal site within the channel advertising industry provides a unique platform where brands have the facility to reach consumers within a focused environment. Our site provides brands with the ability to build brand loyalty, increase brand reach, increase market share and gain crucial data insights on their adverts with real time reporting in a simple, easy to use format.
Member views the advert(s) and is rewarded with LoveYourAd points. Demographic data is gained on each member when they join the site as members and this feeds into the reporting.
The Company allows web and mobile members to earn virtual currency (LoveYourAd points) for doing what they already do online every day- watching videos, searching the web, playing games, participating in market research and shopping online. These points can then be redeemed for valuable rewards, including gift cards to the world's online and offline retailers.
Members can track their cash points, rewards, and points and what they have cashed in (redeemed)
This site has the largest online collection of TV commercials—more than one million! Most of the ads here are
from the last few years but there is a special section for older commercials.