About Company To Advertiser:- Love Your Ad
LoveYourAd Ltd is a UK based, consumer focused video advertising rewards web site. Our pioneering web and mobile ready, fully responsive web portal site within the channel advertising industry provides a unique platform where brands have the facility to reach consumers within a focused environment. Our site provides brands with the ability to build brand loyalty, increase brand reach, increase market share and gain crucial data insights on their adverts with real time reporting in a simple, easy to use format.
How do we do this
Advertiser selects one of our advertising packages
Advertiser simply upload their advert(s) to our site via their dedicated ‘mission control centre’ (might called it control portal.) and advert is live immediately
Member views the advert(s) and is rewarded with LoveYourAd points. Demographic data is gained on each member when they join the site as members and this feeds into the reporting.
Data is collected instantly and this data can be visible in real time within the advertisers ‘mission control centre.’ All data can be extracted.
Members build up points and redeem these for rewards.
Why use us?
Our site provides advertisers with the opportunity to:
Build brand loyalty
Increase brand reach
Increase market share
Gain crucial data insights on their adverts with real time reporting. Feedback can also include responses to poll questions and surveys.
Our site can work as further marketing channel for your integrated marketing campaigns
Consumers have motivational drivers to watch the adverts as they’re rewarded to do so
We have a very competitive pricing model
You’re in complete control of your advertising 24 hours of the day, 365 days a year, accessible anywhere from the web
This site has the largest online collection of TV commercials—more than one million! Most of the ads here are
from the last few years but there is a special section for older commercials.